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Plate Link Belt Ⅱ



Plate belt made of stainless steel and chain by sprocket is perfect for conveying small products,its smooth running, easy to maintain, durable, constructed of plates or hinges linked together by means of cross rods. The belt is almost always equipped with side chains,which are secured by a ring welded at the edge of cross rods .



welded wire mesh belt with chain 
balanced weave wire mesh belt 
small gap, transportation small items 


1Cr13 mesh belt, 201 mesh belt, 304 mesh belt, mesh belt 316,engineering plastics,etc.



Type of chian Pitch Thickness of chain Length of chain Diameter of shaft
128F 19.05 12. 250 4
C2042 25.4 2 250 4
C2052 31.75 2 As unique request 5
C2062 38.1 2 5.96
C2082 50.8 2.5 7.94
C2012 63.5 2.5 9.54
C2122 76.2 3 11.1
C05100 100 3 11.3
C10150 150 4 14.5
C12200 200



The specification above is just for reference,please contact us to meet your unique special needs


Key using industries

food, medicines, beverages, canned food, cosmetics and washing products, paper products, seasoning, dairy and tobacco automatic conveying, distribution, and packaging line


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